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It's important to use the right synthetic bristle for brush

It's important to use the right syntehtic bristle for paint brushes

A high quality filament will finish the job more durable in bent recover and better taper can hold more paint, which means you will spend less money and time painting. 

Then how to choose the right synthetic bristle

You can choose from the filament shape: 

Solid tapered filament:
It is strong enought to for bent recovery, and more common in the brushes. Unitype for all brushes. Eyelashes, makeup brushes, artist brushes, cleaning brushes ect. 
Solid <a href= target='_blank'>brush filament</a>

Hollow filament:
Natural bristles are hollow, to performace more similar to the natural, hollow filament developed accordingly.
By now, our factory could offer below cross section type filament.
brush bristle supplier

New products is developing, will keep posting, you are welcome to contact us for sample quality check.

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