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What is the difference of brush bristle for PET tapered filament and PBT taper filament ?

What is the difference of brush bristle of PET tapered Filament and pbt tapered filament?

First, what is PET and PBT? 
  • PET is cheaper and widely usage in paint brush industries.
  • PBT is cheaper to replace nylon bristle. More soft than PET. Noramlly used in paint brushes/makeup brushes/toothbrushes ect.

When painting, longer taper can absorbtion more paint. That's why need tapered filament.
Brush tapered filament

When doing the chemical taper, need around 15-30% PBT to proceed, this is called PET taper. More stiff but with elastic for wall painting.
chemical tapered process
And more PBT will creat more soft and longer taper.
PBT tapered filament and <a href= target='_blank'>pet filament</a>

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