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What is Synthetic Filament for Brush

Synthetic Filament for Brush

brush material

  1. brush material for paint brushes
  2. Brush material for Drawing Brushes
  3. Brush material for Makeup Brushes and Shaving Brushes

1. For paint brush:

brush bristles can be made by natural hair and synthetic bristle.

synthetic filaments are made from polyester, nylon, PBT or other man made materials.

For paint brush bristle, material can be made in hollow/solid type which cross section,can be seen by microscope.

Hollow type filament can be made by material PET, and solid can be made by PBT and PET mixed in percent 20/80; 30/70; 20/80 ect.

To increase brush painting absorbtion volumn, for the filament mixed with PET and PBT, usual proceed by chemical taper process, taper part to extract more paint.

taper filament

2. For Makeup Brushes and Shaving Brushes

Makeup Brushes filament made by PBT also, wave or level, but thinner than paint brush and shaving brushes.

Normally, diameters range in 0.07-0.1mm for some brushes fiber, even thinner.

And color can be dyed in various, like black goat color, white goat color, squirrel color, sable color ect.

Shaving brush filament diameter thicker than makeup brushes, normally in 0.15-0.18mm.

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